Practical Advice

It has been brought to our attention that a number of veterans have been caught completely unaware by these legacy investigations. Events have included the Police simply turning up on doorsteps and asking to speak to veterans or writing to veterans as witnesses to acquire background information on events which occurred during the Troubles.

We have therefore set out some key points for veterans to consider.

Do's and Don'ts

DON'T think you have a duty to speak about something you don't know about or don't recall. If you have no clear memory as to events it is within your rights to decline to meet or speak. You have no obligation to speak to the Police unless cautioned.

DO contact the Army Operational Legacy Branch (MOD) helpline. The MOD will want to know about Police interest in former operations. They will advise you not to meet or speak to the Police if you don't remember the incident. If the Police decide they have sufficient evidence and caution you, DO call the MOD helpline again and they will assist you with obtaining legal advice.

DON'T submit to a Police interview unless you have legal support provided by the MOD and you have been cautioned or charged.