Over the past decade, veterans and serving members of the Armed Forces, have been subjected to investigations ranging from exercises in Kenya through to the recent operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Whilst serving members of the Armed Forces are supported, a void has emerged with respect to the duty of care to veterans. By way of example, the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) received around 3,400 allegations of unlawful killings and ill treatment. Around 70% of the allegations were sifted out and never reached full investigation with the majority of investigations being dismissed. However, the soldiers who were the subject of these investigations had to wait a long time for an outcome. IHAT closed on 30 June 2017.

As stated, this website has been created for veterans and is accessible at no cost. The author is a qualified solicitor and has no political, religious, ethnic or other agenda for creating this website. It is purely designed to acknowledge the current issues being faced by certain groups of veterans and, where possible, assist them in understanding the legal issues and procedures involved. Hopefully the practical "Do's and Don'ts" section will be of assistance to those veterans who do encounter first hand any issues relating to the legacy investigations.

Whilst this website does touch on some of the background to legacy investigations in Northern Ireland it is not an attempt at writing a full narrative on the history behind the investigations. It is really looking to set the scene as to the issues being faced by veterans and providing practical advice to them relating to legacy investigations.